Book Engagement Photographers In NOLA to Capture Your Best Moment Now

Congratulations! You have finally found your dream partner who will take care of you throughout your life. We know that you have started making arrangements for a grand engagement party to celebrate the special day with your would-be and your family members. Our engagement photographer can also be a part of your ceremony with their photography skills. Hire our engagement and proposal photographer. As you are going to tie a knot with your life partner, we make this moment a long-lasting memory.

What makes our engagement photographers unique?

An engagement party is a pre-wedding party that gives a lot of fun to the couple. Our photographers are not simply professionals with photography knowledge. Our team knows the importance of the ceremony, and thus, we are efficient at capturing the real essence of the event. Our photos will reflect your personalities and emotions on the day of engagement. 

When you book us for your engagement photo shoot, we arrange a free consultation with you. During this consultation, we will ask you about the event venue, date, and time. Moreover, our engagement photographer will tell you how we will snap your photos with your partner. You will feel stress-free during the engagement photoshoot.

In fact, our first priority is your feelings of comfort. The more comfortable you feel, the better our photographers can shoot photos. You will be amazed at the genuine photographs we provide you. Your engagement photos will become the best keepsakes in your life.

Capture the moment of your proposal

The moment when you propose to your dream partner is always romantic. So, we inspire you to arrange a photoshoot to capture this romantic atmosphere with a camera. Our surprise proposal photographer knows the way to shoot the best photos.

We prefer a candid photography style for the day of your romantic proposal. In most cases, our clients love an outdoor photoshoot at the time of proposal. As the natural light is highly flattering, you will find bright and beautiful photos. However, our surprise proposal photographer can adjust the lighting when it is a photo shoot at sunset.

Our customer service providers will suggest props like cool lamps and candles. These elements will create a beautiful indoor ambience. We will snap our photos when you have a romantic feel with your partner.

We also capture the response of your partner after hearing your words of love. This is how we achieve success as a team of surprise proposal photographers.

Hire an engagement photographer

Have you decided on your engagement date? You can now hire us for engagement photography services. We also retouch your photos for perfection. Our photo editing is a part of our package. You can engage our photographer to get both photography and editing services at a time. It will be more affordable to you.